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Russia's policy in Ukraine

The Editor,
Vox on Line.

24th April  2014.

Not one single day goes by without some comment in the UK press on the current situation in the Ukraine, in yesterday’s The Guardian, the  Russian Foreign Secretary was quoted as saying,  ‘if our legitimate interests, the interests of Russians have been attacked directly, like they were in South Ossetia for example, I do not see any other way but to respond in accordance with international law’.


The Mandarins

The Media.

23rd April 2014.

We are certainly in a pickle, you have a so called neighbour who is taking the ‘mickey’ regularly, first violating the United Nations Convention of the Seas, now not content or should I say quite openly being encouraged by the Mandarins, these in case you are unaware are the experts in manipulation which incidentally goes by the name of ‘ to monitor’ which is more appropriate to their ‘alma mater’ days, this same good friend it now appears is approaching certain Countries  with a view to discourage them to supply Gibraltar with commodities, which they Spain first supplied, but then as if out of a hat considered an illegality, a further violation, this time of free trade


Second year refurbishment of tourist product

The Gibraltar Tourist Board has completed the second phase of its refurbishment programme of its main attractions to improve the tourist product ahead of the peak summer season. This is the second continuous year of capital investment in the amount of over £1 million.


Solar Power at Tercentenary Hall

As part of H.M. Government of Gibraltar's commitment to produce energy in an environmentally beneficial and sustainable manner, solar thermal technologies have been installed at the Tercentenary Hall as part of a pilot project.


Operation Roadwatch Continues

The Royal Gibraltar Police and in particular officers of the Traffic Department continue to implement the organisation’s banner operation with regard to roads policing, Operation Roadwatch.



The Ministry for Sports, Culture, Heritage and Youth is working together with Little Constellation (a Network for Contemporary art in small states in Europe) for the opening of a new project dedicated to contemporary art in Gibraltar.


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